Our company was founded in 1993 in Madrid by Francisco José Pintado Hidalgo.

Consumibles Gráficos SL is one of the leading companies in the field of printing and impression not only in Spain but also worldwide. The business is focus on export, import, distribution and sale of all kind of products and machinery related to printing, particularly offset plates. What makes us different is the quality of our services and the variety of products and machines that we offer to our clients: offset plate machinery, inks and blankets.

The company provides a fast and secure delivery system and state of the art technical expertise. We are also the official dealers of well known brands as HUAGUANG.

In Spain we have a network of dealers which covers the entire country.

We export our products to:


Our aim in Europe is to provide tailor made professional solutions to companies in a changing market. We incorporate the the latest technology and the newest products to our catalog.

Our success is based on innovation, quality, technical expertise and day to day improvement. The team of professionals working at Consumibles Gráficos will provide the best solutions available for your business.